The Bonfida IEO — $FIDA

Bonfida will be the first project built on Serum to ICO — we’re super excited to have this privilege and even more excited about what we’re planning to bring to the table. This ICO is the culmination of our vision, to perfect the Serum experience and grow the ecosystem.

We want to be the bridge between Solana, Serum, and You — the user. We want to give you the most robust experience possible by bringing the CEX experience to Serum. Beyond this, we’ve always wanted to build on the ecosystem and fill out the missing pieces of the Serum puzzle, and now we can.

The ICO will be conducted in 3 parts, with up to 6 Million $FIDA tokens up for auction:

  1. IEO on FTX
  2. IEO on BitMax
  3. ISO on Serum (more info on this soon!)


We know this the question on everyone’s mind right now — what is $FIDA and what does it do? We’d like to invite you to dive into the latest iteration of our whitepaper here and tell us what you think about it on our socials.

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

None of the above is financial advice.

Bonfida does not provide services to personal accounts of current residents of the United States of America, Cuba, Crimea and Sevastopol, Iran, Syria, North Korea, or Antigua and Barbuda.

FIDA is not offered within the United States or prohibited jurisdiction.

Data, Analytics, and GUIs for Serum

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