SolanaFloor now has an analytics dashboard for the Solana Name Service

Bonfida is excited to announce that SolanaFloor now has a dedicated data analytics dashboard for the Solana Name Service.

The Solana Name Service was launched by Bonfida in June. The goal of the Solana name service is to provide a decentralized and affordable way to map domain names (.sol) to on-chain data. One of the clear benefits of SNS is to simplify on-chain payments. Instead of using an unrecognisable SOL address, people can use .sol domain names to transfer their tokens.

SolanaFloor is an NFT data analytics platform on Solana. SolanaFloor displays statistics about various NFT projects, including listing prices, current owners, rarities, ranking and the price distribution, all important data that NFT enthusiasts want to know.

What is the value of the analytics dashboard for Solana Name Service?

Over the past month, the Solana Name Service has witnessed huge growth, as a result of the increasing popularity of domain names. Community members have expressed their interest in seeing more statistics about the Solana Name Service, in order to better understand the market quantitatively.

With the analytics dashboard launched by SolanaFloor, users now have more visibility over the statistics of the Solana Name Service. On the dashboard of the Solana Name Service, users can read transactions and volume in the past 1h and 24h, total domains registered and total volume, as well as current bids. Additionally, price range and transaction distribution are visually represented by charts on the dashboard.

Moreover, you will find data of last sales, such as; top bids, top sales 1D, 7D, 30D, YTD and all on the other tabs.

The analytics dashboard of the Solana Name Service on SolanaFloor provides a comprehensive dataset for users who are keen to understand the market performance quantitatively.

Bonfida believes that this dashboard will provide instrumental data analytics of Solana Name Service and play an important role in the Solana ecosystem.

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Data, Analytics, and GUIs for Serum

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