Solana Name Service — Twitter

  1. Tweet your Solana address from your Twitter account
  2. Go to
  3. Enter the link to your Tweet
  4. Enter your Twitter handle
  5. Click submit and sign the transaction with your wallet
  • The tweet needs to contain only your Solana address. For instance if your Solana address is FidaKmZFztWo5bx7EBwZ1Z7Wra7PeELXKxdoYEGAjodq, your tweet needs to contain only “FidaKmZFztWo5bx7EBwZ1Z7Wra7PeELXKxdoYEGAjodq” and not “something something FidaKmZFztWo5bx7EBwZ1Z7Wra7PeELXKxdoYEGAjodq something”. If the Tweet contains anything else than your Solana address the registration will fail.
  • When entering the link to your tweet make sure it’s a link to the tweet containing your Solana address and not a link to your Twitter profile. For instance : this is a valid link but this is not
  • When entering your Twitter handle make sure it has proper capitalization. For instance, if your Twitter handle is bonfida, entering Bonfida or BonFida will make the transaction fail
  • When signing the transaction make sure that you are signing with the correct wallet i.e with the wallet that has the same address as the one you tweeted.
  • Make sure to have enough SOL in your wallet. Registering your Twitter handle costs ~ 0.01 SOL

Data, Analytics, and GUIs for Serum

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Data, Analytics, and GUIs for Serum

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