Solana Name Service Adds On-Chain Messaging

Bonfida is excited to announce the launch of our new On-Chain Messaging Service that is now available on the Solana Name Service (SNS).

On-Chain messaging allows users to send encrypted messages to .SOL Domain Names.

Messages are not only limited to text you can also include audio, pictures or video.

This is a first for this type of implementation on ANY blockchain!

Interested to know more about on-chain messaging and how it opens up the endless possibilities for the whole Solana ecosystem to grow as a whole?

How are on-chain messages encrypted?

All messages are encrypted end to end (E2EE) using Diffie-Hellman The encryption happens in your browser before sending the message on-chain. This means that all the data sent on-chain is always encrypted and only the receiver can decrypt the message.

All media sent via the messaging app are also encrypted using Diffie-Hellman, however the media itself is not on-chain, it’s uploaded on IPFS and only the hash is sent via the on-chain messaging app, the flow is slightly different:

  • Encrypt media
  • Upload encrypted media on IPFS (IPFS returns a hash)
  • Send message that contains the hash (also encrypted)

What does it mean for the Solana Ecosystem?

There is no doubt that the implementation of on-chain messaging opens a vast amount of possibilities for dAPP’s to be integrated on the Solana Name Service.

On-chain messaging is modular meaning other protocols can integrate it to their front-end. This means that on-chain messaging can be integrated into many different types of products, from influencers wanting to communicate with their fans, to dating applications or to exchanging services.

There are an endless amount of possibilities that on-chain messaging can be utilised.

How much would it cost to use:

Once you have a Solana Domain Name associated with your wallet, you just need to hold an adequate amount of SOL and you are ready to start sending messages.

The only fees associated with the messaging service are transactional costs associated with processing any transaction over the blockchain.

Transactional costs start at approximately 0.0015 SOL. The total cost is determined by the total number of characters you use in your message.

Sending audio, images or video by message is cheap because the contents is uploaded on IPFS and the hash is sent by the message.

Below is a predictive table for estimating the cost of a message

Interested in finding out more:

Visit our Community Help Centre for more information.

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None of the above is financial advice.

Bonfida does not provide services to personal accounts of current residents of the Belarus, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the Crimea region of Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, the USA, Yemen, and Zimbabwe or any other jurisdiction in which accessing or using the Bonfida DEX is prohibited (“Prohibited Jurisdictions”).

FIDA is not offered within the United States or prohibited jurisdiction.

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