New Partnership Announcement with Slope Finance

Bonfida is excited to announce a new partnership with Slope Finance.

Slope Finance is the mobile gateway to web 3, hosting two major product lines: Slope wallet, the first cross-platform wallet built for Solana; Slope NFTs Market, an aggregator of the ecosystem’s top NFTs. Slope aims to shape the user journey of a trustless, self-governing and decentralized world.

Over the next couple of weeks, the Slope Finance team will work closely with Bonfida to deliver key features that are highly anticipated by both community’s members. We believe that adding these features into Slope’s mobile app will significantly improve the user experience. Let’s explore what these key features are:

1. Display .sol domain names as collectibles inside Slope wallet
Imagine that you can view a .sol domain name like an NFT in your mobile wallet! Many community members have expressed interests in viewing domain names as collectibles inside their wallets, and therefore we have decided to work with Slope Finance to realize this feature. We believe having this feature embedded into a mobile wallet will simplify the experience for users who want to curate their domain names effortlessly.

2. Direct registration link to the Solana Name Service (SNS) inside the mobile wallet
Over the past couple of months, we have witnessed huge growth of the Solana Name Service with over 150K registered. Slope Finance was one of the earliest wallets that integrated the SNS to simplify the on-chain payment transfer. In the future, when users transfer tokens on Slope’s wallet, they are able to click on a direct registration link to the SNS to purchase a .sol domain name if they have not done so.

3. Integrate a secondary marketplace for the Solana Name Service (SNS) into Slope NFTs Market
Slope Finance has been a pioneer in the DeFi space by building a native NFT marketplace inside the APP and providing a seamless NFT trading experience on mobiles. Integrating a secondary marketplace for the SNS into Slope NFTs Market will enable users to shop domain names directly on mobile, providing easy access to monitoring the SNS secondary market.

4. Enable auto-approve for Bonfida’s products
Slope Finance aims to establish a close partnership with Bonfida by enabling auto-approve for all of Bonfida’s products exclusively. This will significantly contribute to projects who want to integrate Jabber, the on-chain messaging application, allowing users to chat easily without having to approve the transaction of sending a message every time.

Both teams share a similar goal of bringing as much value as possible to the entire Solana ecosystem. Both teams look forward to exploring more feature requirements and integration ideas in order to achieve this goal! Stay tuned for more good news in the future!

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None of the above is financial advice.

Bonfida does not provide services to residents of Belarus, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the Crimea region of Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Thailand, the UK, the USA, Yemen, Zimbabwe and any other jurisdiction in which accessing or using this website is prohibited

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