Deposit and Withdraw from FTX using the Solana Name Service

The cornerstone of the Solana Name Service (SNS) is the ease of use when it comes to transacting. It has played a key role in enhancing the efficiency of the ecosystem and as a result has seen considerable growth with over 150K domain names registered.

A long awaited missing piece to truly showcase the value of SNS was the ability to withdraw from centralized exchanges using your domain name.

Bonfida’s partnership with FTX has now made this a reality: users can directly withdraw from FTX using their .sol domain name. Unreadable wallet addresses can be a source of confusion and a barrier to entry, that .sol domain names will aid in diminishing.

How do withdrawals on FTX via .sol domain names work?

1. Get a .sol domain name here

2. It will automatically be linked to your wallet address when claimed

3. When withdrawing from FTX, simply insert your .sol domain name instead of your wallet address as per the example below

4. Withdraw

Deposit using your subdomain name:

1. Create a subdomain: Go to your domain page and select “Add subdomain”

2. Search for your subdomain as described in this guide

3. Click on your subdomain and select “Transfer”

4. Enter your FTX SOL address and transfer your subdomain

5. Send tokens to your FTX account using your subdomain. If FTX ever changes your SOL address you will be able to claim your subdomain back and transfer it to the new address.

Closing Statement

This is a monumental breakthrough for the Solana Name Service that further supports the benefits of owning a .sol domain name. We are proud to continue displaying the value our services offer.

Until next time, be safe and take care.

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None of the above is financial advice.

Bonfida does not provide services to residents of Belarus, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the Crimea region of Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Thailand, the UK, the USA, Yemen, Zimbabwe and any other jurisdiction in which accessing or using this website is prohibited

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