Coin98 Wallet Integrates To The Solana Name Service

Bonfida is excited to announce that Coin98 has completed its integration of the Solana Name Service (SNS) to their mobile wallets on both iOS and Android.

Since Sep 2021, Bonfida and Coin98 have been working on integrating the Solana Name Service. Before we dive into how SNS is being used, let’s find out what Coin98 wallet supports:

Coin98 wallet is a multi-chain and NFT wallet that is powered by Coin98 labs. Coin98 wallet supports users to access numerous DeFi services across various blockchains seamlessly, providing the best user experience.

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What does the Solana Name Service integration provide Coin98 wallet with?

With this integration, you can simply transfer SPL tokens via a .sol domain name in the mobile Coin98 wallet that is available on both iOS and Android.

How would this integration benefit Bonfida?

It’s great to establish a partnership with Coin98 wallet, one of the most used cross-chain wallets within the cryptocurrency industry. Coin98 also has a strong presence in Asia, especially in Vietnam. The partnership will pave the way for Bonfida to break into the Vietnamese market in the future.

What does the integration of the Solana Name Service mean for adoption on the Solana blockchain?

With Coin98 being strongly situated as a cross-chain wallet, it provides key exposure and an on-ramp to their user base to access the products on the Solana.

Having support from Coin98 wallet provides a strong narrative that the Solana Name Service is the standard for all users on the Solana Blockchain. Coin 98 would be a strong showcase to other cross-chain wallets that want to support more native functions on Solana.

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Get Your Solana Domain Name Today! :

Find out more about Coin98 Wallet

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None of the above is financial advice.

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