Cashmere Integrates To The Solana Name Service

Bonfida is excited to announce that Cashmere wallet has completed its integration of the Solana Name Service (SNS) to their web based platform.

Before we dive into how SNS is being used, let’s find out what Cashmere is:

Cashmere is a multisig wallet on Solana. They aim to bring a Phantom-like user experience for managing shared ownership of SPL tokens. Cashmere has won the fifth place in the Convergence Hackathon co-hosted by Serum and Wormhole, and is also one of the participants in Serum’s Accelerator program.

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What does the Solana Name Service integration with Cashmere mean?

With this integration, you can simply transfer SPL tokens via a .sol domain name on Cashmere’s web based platform.

How would this integration benefit the Bonfida and Solana Ecosystem?

It’s great to have projects building multisig wallets on Solana. With the rising demand for treasury management from existing projects and DAO organizations, the product delivered by Cashmere will solve the pain point of managing shared ownership. We believe that integrating the SNS to simplify the payment process will provide great convenience for treasury teams of SOL projects.

What does the integration of the Solana Name Service mean for adoption on the Solana blockchain?

Having support from Cashmere, the first multisig wallet, provides a strong narrative that the Solana Name Service is the standard for all users on the Solana Blockchain. Hopefully, Cashmere, would be a strong showcase to integrate the SNS to other multisig wallets or platforms building on Solana in the future.

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Get Your Solana Domain Name Today! :

Find out more about Cashmere

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None of the above is financial advice.

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