Bonfida’s Weekly Newsletter: 9/3/2021

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This week we have been busy migrating the DEX to the new and improved Serum V3 DEX.

We briefly touch on

  • SERUM V3

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Key Performance Metrics:

Serum weekly total was $65,407,738, this figure is consistent with the previous weeks in February.

Serum daily average was $9,343,963, this is down 78% from the previous week. However, if the outliers are removed the daily average is $9.2 million a day. This is significantly down from the previous weeks as we can now remove the outlier from the Raydium launch and initial volume spikes. Now that it is settling down in terms of volume we can actually assess the weekly volumes.

Another interesting stat we can report on is the monthly increases in the FIDA buy and burn program. In February, a whopping 462,180.50 FIDA was removed from circulation, this equates to 16,506.45 FIDA being removed on average per day. This is up 83% from the previous month. Over 2% of all circulating supply has been removed since inception.


Make sure you have your FIDA and USDC ready to participate in the IDO.

Visit — and keep an eye out for when we publish the specifics of the launch.


Got a winning strategy in trading? Create a bot on Bonfida Bots and you can have a piece of the profit you get whilst helping others profit along the way.

Examples of these strategies can be based on indicators or a series of them. You can even implement a Machine Learning script if you wish. The possibilities are endless.

Specifics can be found here:
Page — 8

Developments & Explainers:

This week the Serum DEX underwent an upgrade. This upgrade focused on a series of backend improvements that work to improve the functionality of Serum.

If you happened to have an order on the DEX prior the March 4th upgrade to Serum DEX V3, your orders will be stuck on the old markets.

To cancel those orders, you must follow these steps:

  • Clear your Cache & Cookies.
  • If you have any Open Orders on an old market, and the popup to cancel them does not show up, try the following:
  • Use the + sign by the place orders tab to add the deprecated markets on which you have your order.
  • Once Add Custom Market appears, put in the market ID.

OXYPOOL: CQf4CbkC9aU5X8zjmvq9uqEY5QUfUWGLpntzzv1T8b9b

LQID: 3HZWXFCx74xapSPV4rqBv2V7jUshauGS37vqxxoGp6qJ



We are conducting upgrades to Solible this week! So if you have any open bids or asks you are required to cancel your orders.

If you require assistance, please reach out to us on Discord or Telegram. We have support staff willing to help!

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None of the above is financial advice.

Bonfida does not provide services to personal accounts of current residents of the United States of America, Cuba, Crimea and Sevastopol, Iran, Syria, North Korea, or Antigua and Barbuda.

FIDA is not offered within the United States or prohibited jurisdiction.

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