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Welcome to the first edition of the Bonfida weekly newsletter! This newsletter encompasses the previous developments and announcements for Bonfida and the wider Serum Ecosystem. Every Tuesday we aim to provide a recap of events and a summary of what they mean for our development.


Join the VC Pools available!


Recently we launched the Holy Trinity and Serum Ecosystem Pool that enabled users to have access to a basket of assets with one convenient holding. Now we are launching the VC Pool for MAPS and Oxygen (OXY)

The idea is to let anybody have the ability to be a venture capitalist and take part in the early rounds of a project’s fundraising process.

The benefit of being a part of these pools is to receive a 10%- discount on the initial listing price. However, the token remains locked for one year.

As with all other Pools, depositing in the MAPS VC Pool will receive a token (similar to an LP token) that represents their ownership of the pool. This token can be used to redeem assets from the pool depending on their share of it.

There is a cap of 1 Million USDC, and the pool works on a first come first serve basis.

To read more on VC pools read our recent blog post:

DEX achieves over 400million in volume. (

In roughly 4 months the Serum DEX has achieved over 400 million US dollars in volume. Yet alone, this week we have achieved over 70 million USD in volume.

DEX achieves highest ever daily volume.

It has been another monumental week in the cryptocurrency markets with BTC hitting an All-Time-High (ATH). That is something worth celebrating and whilst we are in the mood for setting ATH’s we saw our volume break past its previous record volume of 12 million.

Bonfida completes its first Buy/Burn.

Bonfida burnt 80,164.869060 FIDA from supply on the 31st of December. This process aims to take place monthly.

Transaction can be found here:


The introduction of FTX leveraged and volatility tokens through Bonfida!

Bonfida is excited to announce that individuals can now trade leveraged and volatility tokens on its DEX. Trade bull/bear and BVOL tokens as you would on major exchanges but all from a DEX.

UI updates:

Upgraded DEX monitor:

This week we saw an upgrade to the DEX monitor page.

The changes enabled integration of FIDA analytics along with SRM all in one spot. This is a handy tool for those who want to follow the DEX’s performance closely.

Pro & Basic UI options:

Users now have the added option to utilize a tab that simplifies trading or a full orderbook system. This feature provides an easier and more convenient trading experience.

The (Basic) trading option enables a one click process for traders, compared to the (Pro) option enables traders to set specifics of the trade.

More language support!


Added French and Mandarin language support on Bonfida.

Mandarin Swap support.

French Bonfida Trade support.

More languages coming.

New Markets:

Bonfida welcomes $RSR, $COMP, $1Inch, $GRT, $PAXG and $TRYB markets.

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