Bonfida Launches On-chain Perpetual Futures: Audaces Protocol

  • The Audaces Protocol is the first perpetual futures protocol built on Solana and it’s also the first vAMM to be built on a layer 1
  • With its atomic slot-time liquidation engine, it’s also the fastest liquidation engine ever built on-chain. It can liquidate all positions at risk as fast as a Solana block (~400ms) without having to iterate over all trading accounts
  • It’s also the first protocol to solve the imbalance between longs and shorts in the vAMM model by introducing a self-rebalancing mechanism
  • It introduces the possibility to change k without breaking path independence. This means the liquidity of a market can evolve over time, to optimize slippage depending on volume
  • Audaces protocol also leverages the power of the Pyth Network oracle that provides high resolution sub-second price feeds, aggregated over several data providers for maximum reliability
  • Like Serum, Audaces Protocol introduces a referral system to reward contributors to the ecosystem. This means that you can earn fees by hosting a UI or referring users with your Solana domain name
  • Host a UI or refer your friends and get 10% of the fees!
  • Run perpetual nodes to secure the protocol by cranking liquidations and updating funding rates. Nodes get rewarded with a flat fee for each transaction they crank.
  • Stake your FIDA to get 10% of the monthly buy and burn that will be airdropped on FIDA stakers..



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