Bonfida Exclusive: Edition #8

The first quarter of the year has flown by and brings along the time for another Monthly Exclusive. March has been jam-packed with exciting developments and partnerships — so, here we are with Edition #8 to ensure you stay updated.

From new and enhanced partnerships with wallets, domain name tokenization, listings on multiple NFT marketplaces, innovative UI changes and many more, makes this month nothing short of eventful.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the latest happenings!


New Partnership Announcement with Slope Finance

Bonfida has successfully strengthened a partnership with Slope Finance which delivers a mobile gateway to Web3. Slope Finance hosts two major products: (1) Slope Wallet, the first cross-platform wallet built for Solana and (2) Slope NFT Market and aggregator of the ecosystem’s top NFTs.

Solidifying this partnership with Slope Finance brings about important advances:

  • Displaying .sol domain names as collectibles inside Slope wallet
  • A direct registration link to the Solana Name Service (SNS) inside the mobile wallet
  • Integrating a secondary marketplace for SNS into Slope NFT Market
  • And enabling auto-approve for all Bonfida’s products

Both teams share a similar goal of bringing as much value as possible to the entire Solana ecosystem which we hope to achieve through this partnership.

For more information on this partnership please refer here:

Cashmere Integrates to the Solana Name Service

This month includes another valuable partnership with Cashmere, a multisig wallet on Solana. They aim to bring a Phantom like experience for managing shared ownership of SPL tokens.

This enables effortless transacting with .sol domain names on their web based wallet. A perfect addition to increase convenience of SPL token transfers. Having support from Cashmere, the first multisig wallet, provides a strong narrative that SNS is the standard for all users on the Solana Blockchain.

Read all about the integration here:

Tokenize Solana Domain Names & Marketplaces

One of the most compelling developments for the month definitely includes domain name tokenization! With an easy click of a button users are able to wrap their .sol domain name to act just like an NFT, but with the added advantage of SNS’ use cases.

The main incentive behind this decision was to enhance the resale ability for our users and this is exactly what we have achieved. With the Solana Domain Name NFT, we have been able to secure listings on the most popular NFT marketplaces on the blockchain. These include Magic Eden, FTX NFTs, Solsea, Hyperspace, DigitalEyes, Solanart, Alpha Art and Burnt Finance.

See a guide on tokenizing domain names here:

Listing Solana Domain Name NFTs on Opensea Coming Soon

Under the hard to believe circumstance that you have not heard yet, Opensea is coming to Solana. Even more thrilling is that Bonfida has been chosen with a handful of other projects to be their official launch partners! It’s with great excitement that we await their official launch and the listing of our own .sol domain names on their platform.

Bybit Lists $FIDA/USDT Spot Pair

2022 has been a year of listings for $FIDA thus far. In the previous two months listings were expanded with Kraken, Coinbase, Poloniex, WazirX and FIDA-PERP on AscendEX and! This month the list grows with yet another listing; Bybit. This allows the quality of $FIDA to speak for itself.

This forms a comprehensive list of exchanges as shown below.


CyberConnect Creates a Leaderboard for the Solana Name Service

CyberConnect has impressively delivered a leaderboard for Twitter handles registered via Solana Name Service. This neat development allows users to track the most followed people that have registered Twitter handles.

Have a look at the leaderboard here.


Verified Sellers, Emojis & Customizable Profiles

The team has been hard at work to finesse the Solana Name Service experience for our users. New developments include Certified Sellers, Verified Emojis and Customizing your SNS profile picture. Verified emojis create a safer environment for our users. It validates real emojis and protects users from being tricked with suspect Zero-Width-Joiners.

The Certified Sellers addition is an ode to our loyal community members. Members that own a certain amount of domain names are now highlighted with a special badge to endorse the soundness of the domain names they are selling. We hope to see this list grow and we couldn’t be more excited to showcase these sellers!

Apply to become a certified seller here.

Last but not least is the ability to change your SNS profile picture. This can be your favorite NFT and or any other image. Create your unique identity and customize your profile with this special new development.

Steps to change your profile picture:

Solana Name Service Growth

​​It’s another great stretch for the Solana Name Service statistics. The consistent growth manifests that the Solana Name Service is truly the standard for transacting in the ecosystem. This month brings along another milestone with over 160K domain names registered and over 46K Twitter handles.

Twitter Follower Milestone

A big hello to all our new followers! We welcome you with open arms and we are elated to see our community growing.

Monthly Buy & Burn

$FIDA burned in March was 83,384 which is $153,426 USD at the current price. This totals 274,905 $FIDA for the year so far.

Closing Statement

This brings us to the end of the March recap. Loads have happened and there’s a lot more to come! See you next month with Edition #9.

Until next time, be safe and take care!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

None of the above is financial advice.

Bonfida does not provide services to residents of Belarus, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the Crimea region of Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Thailand, the UK, the USA, Yemen, Zimbabwe and any other jurisdiction in which accessing or using this website is prohibited

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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